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Secure and Compliant Technology

ValTrus has comprehensive cyber security and IT compliance services to make your business
secure and efficient so you can meet your goals more cost-effectively.

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Does your current technology keep you protected from evolving cyber threats like Malware, Phishing and Ransomware attacks?

70 percent of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are target for cyber attacks. This is because they often lack the resources for advanced cyber defenses. Cyber criminals exploit your reliance on basic and many times outdated security controls; allowing evolving and increasingly sophisticated attacks to uncover new ways to infiltrate your organization. All it takes is one breach or ransomware attack to cripple your operations, lose sensitive data to malicious criminals, and irreparably ruin your business reputation.

If you’re not sure that you’re always protected, it’s time to think about getting help

60 percent of small businesses fold within six months of a cyber attack. Leverage our robust security services and solutions to allow you to enjoy best-in-class cyber defenses at small business prices. Our solutions and services are supported by highly skilled network and security operation teams so your networks, systems, and software are always on, up to date; empowering your team with advanced capabilities. Focus on running your business while we ensure your operations are smooth, your productivity increases, and your infrastructure is compliant and secure.


When you choose ValTrus, you’re choosing

A Custom Roadmap

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution

Stop settling for that – your company deserves better. We’ll give you a technology roadmap made specifically to help your company succeed.

Reliable Security

Let us resolve your security issues?

Stop worrying and start focusing on your work again. We’ll secure your systems from the cloud to the chair, protect you from malicious software and manage your data backup and disaster recovery.

Outstanding Customer Service

Support options based on your business needs, which include 8 x 5, 24/7 or something in between, we have a solution just for you.

We don’t just SAY that we provide excellent customer service – we actually do it.

One-on-One Consulting

If it’s not personal then there is no passion behind what we do.

We understand this and that is why we take our time to really get to know your needs and goals so we can consult to help you reach your goals.

Every minute without optimized cyber security increases your
risk, so we’ve made sure
partnering with us is quick
and easy

Just schedule your free cyber security
audit to get started

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We’ll learn your business and IT systems to identify needs and security vulnerabilities


We’ll develop strategic solutions to secure your networks and optimize your systems


We’ll implement those solutions and continuously maintain them to ensure maximum ROI


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