A Data Breach Could Cost Your Company Everything

Digital disasters are just as damaging as physical ones. Can you afford NOT to have Cyber Insurance coverage?

The Cost of Fixing a Data Breach Is Only the Beginning

Notifying clients of your data breach and addressing the vulnerability that caused it are costly actions, but they are only the first steps. Hidden and indirect costs will pile up and are often even more damaging.

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  • Extortion: Ransomware blocks access to your most vital data until you pay your attackers to unlock it.
  • Fines and Penalties: Governments can impose steep fines on your company if your clients’ data is exposed.
  • Lawsuits: Clients whose data has been stolen often sue the company they believe did not protect them well enough.
  • Public Relations: Trying to convince clients to do business with you after a data breach requires a lot of effort and even more money.

Are Small and Medium-Sized Businesses at Risk of a Data Breach?

Not only are they at risk, they are the favorite target for cybercriminals

43% of data breach victims are SMBs

Lack of resources and education make them easy targets.

83% of SMBs do not have enough funds to recover
from a breach

Cyberattacks can cause so much damage, most SMBs end up closing their doors permanently.

There are over 100 billion malware programs in existence

And hundreds of thousands of new ones are created every day, making it impossible for SMBs to keep up alone.

92% of data breaches are caused by human error

Not even the most expensive software can protect your business completely.

How Much Would a Data Breach Cost Your Company?

Enter the number of customers you have data for, select what kind of data it is, then click “Calculate”

  • PCI:Payment Card Information includes data like credit card numbers
  • PHI:Protected Health Information includes data like medical records
  • PII:Personally Identifiable Information includes data like email addresses and SSNs

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