From simple technical support to large IT project consulting, our ValTrus team can assist with it all

Your IT department is vital to business success. Help it do more.

Your IT staff have more important things to do than fix minor issues like lost passwords or software updates, but these tasks still need to be done. Partner with ValTrus, and not only will we provide expert help desk support, we’ll also monitor your systems 24/7 and perform regular maintenance to fix issues before they cause problems. Your IT team will be less stressed and better able to focus on more pressing tasks.

On the other hand, major IT projects have their own pitfalls. One wrong move during a large undertaking such as an office move or remodeling could have lasting negative effects that drain your resources. But if you bolster your IT team with the expert consultants at ValTrus, we’ll ensure your IT projects go off without a hitch and provide maximum ROI, no matter the size or scope.

Our veteran technicians and consultants can assist with:

  • 24/7 Tech Support – fast, friendly, and effective IT support whenever your employees need it, even after hours and on holidays!
  • IT Maintenance – we’ll keep your systems running at peak performance so your IT team can focus on the big picture
  • Cabling and Wi-Fi – we can design and implement an efficient and cost-effective cable, Wi-Fi, or hybrid network infrastructure, and even help procure telecom services
  • Office Relocations – get packed up, moved out, and settled into a new office efficiently with help from our experienced relocation consultants
  • Vendor Management and Procurement – when it comes time to buy new hardware or software, our consultants can recommend the best-fit solutions for your business and get you the best price
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