With our help, your cybersecurity team will be able to provide enterprise-grade security at a small-business price

One data breach can end your business. Close any gaps in your security with help from ValTrus.

Cybercriminals love to target small to medium-sized businesses because these companies often lack the resources to protect themselves from advanced threats. Even if you have internal IT staff, they can’t be everywhere at once. ValTrus will help you protect your business with advanced cybersecurity services and tools including anti-malware, firewalls, penetration testing, security best practices training, compliance services, and much more.

But complete security requires more than just protecting servers and endpoints. That’s why ValTrus provides Mobile Device Management (MDM) services to protect your smartphones and similar devices from cybercriminals and their malware. We’ll also implement Backup and Disaster Recover (BDR) solutions so if you ever do suffer a data breach or some other catastrophe, you can recover your data and get back in business fast.

ValTrus helps protect your business with:

  • Audits and Penetration Testing – get clear reports of your security posture and vulnerabilities so you’re never in the dark
  • 24/7/365 Security Monitoring – malware doesn’t sleep, and neither do we; your systems will be constantly monitored and protected from intrusion attempts
  • Consulting and Training – software can only do so much, so we’ll train your staff on security best practices and policies for an extra edge
  • BDR – should the worst happen, you’ll have up-to-date copies of all your data ready to be restored in minutes
  • MDM – allow your staff to work remotely without fear; we’ll install security programs that protect their devices and wipe them of private data should they be lost or stolen
  • Compliance Services – our consultants have experience with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and many other regulations; we’ll ensure you easily achieve and maintain compliance
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